Kaspersky Lab Seeks Help to Crack New Malware

Online security company Kaspersky Lab is facing a blank wall in cracking the mystery of a new malware and is seeking the help of those who have what it takes to defeat the virus.

Last week, the security firm has uncovered Gauss, a malware that has attacked users in the Middle East. It aims to steal personal details such as banking accounts. What is unique about this cyber threat is that it comes with a module called Godel, which contains an encrypted payload that remains unsolved despite the best efforts of Kaspersky analysts.

“So today we are presenting all the available information about the payload in the hope that someone can find a solution and unlock its secrets,” Kaspersky announced. “We are asking anyone interested in cryptology and mathematics to join us in solving the mystery and extracting the hidden payload.”

The Gauss malware can infect USB flash drives using the same method done by the likes of Stuxnet and Flame viruses. Infected USB thumb drives contain two files with several encrypted sections.

Kaspersky will provide the first 32 bytes of the mysterious encrypted data and hashes from known versions of the modules. Those who are interested in taking the challenge can email the company on “theflame at kaspersky dot com.” You can also check if your PC has been infected with Gauss by visiting this online tool by Hungarian research lab CrySyS.

Source: PC Magazine
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