Norwegian Man Gets 1 Million Facebook Likes to Sleep with Crush

Looks like the use of Facebook Likes is going a tad too much.

Petter Kverneng of Norway convinced his high school crush, Cathrine Johansen, that they would have sex if he gets 1 million Likes on Facebook. What started out reportedly as a prank hit the million mark within hours after the 20-year-old male posted a photo of him holding the placard containing his plea along with the girl.

Kverneng told Norway’s Nettavisen that even though the stunt began as a joke, he and Johansen are going to “keep what (they) promised.” His only worry is that whether the girl’s parents are on Facebook as well.

Kverneng admitted that he thought about the plan after seeing a Facebook campaign of five siblings from Massachusetts requesting for 1 million Likes so their father would give them a puppy. The Cordell siblings got over 2.6 million Facebook users to like a photo of themselves holding up a sign containing their plea.

The siblings are still waiting for their dad, who initially did not believe his kids would succeed in their plan, to make good on his promise.

Source: Gawker, via New York Daily News
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