Samsung Unveils Bendable OLED Smartphone Screens

Another common trend in CES 2013, apart from 4K TVs, are the flexible screens. LG and Nokia have demonstrated their take on the technology, but it is Samsung’s turn into the spotlight.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, showed off bendable OLED screens that the company hopes to appear in new smartphones and TVs. It would not be a surprise that such screens will appear on future Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Attendees at the CES sampled the 5.5-inch flexible screen intended for smartphones, which features a 1280 x 720 resolution and 267 pixel density, as well as a 55-inch bendable screen for future televisions.

A representative for Samsung Display told CNET that flexible displays offer design freedom. The prototype screens can be bent without sacrificing the image quality. The screens, however, do not roll up… yet.

So why the need for flexible screens? Imagine turning your smartphone into a wristband in a snap!

Source: CNET

Photo credit: Josh Miller/ CNET
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