Yahoo Revamps Site with Social Features

Yahoo! is undergoing a major overhaul on its website, as it introduces features similar to Facebook such like news feed and likes. This has been Yahoo’s biggest revamps since CEO Marissa Mayer took over the ailing online company last year.

In Yahoo’s official blog, Mayer said the redesigned website will allow users to log in using their Facebook ID, enabling them to gain access to content and information shared by their friends–whether they are articles, videos, and birthdays.

Other changes include a more streamlined mobile version of Yahoo’s Internet shop, which will be rolled out soon; as well as a new version of Yahoo Mail, which remains one of its most popular applications.

While Yahoo remains one of the world’s most visited websites, the company has suffered declining revenue in recent year as it competed with Google and Facebook.

Analysts say Yahoo’s partnership with Facebook is an attempt to employ some of the social network’s growing data–thanks to Facebook’s over-one-billion users–to battle Google. The results, however, remain to be seen.

These changes have been visible in Yahoo’s US site. We have yet to see when these online renovations will be applied to its regional sites.

Source: Reuters
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